Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Get Your FFL

Davis Custom Firearms, provides up to date FFL Licensing information and consultation. With over 16 years in the Firearms Industry helping other Dealers we have established ourselves as the very best in the business. Let me detail the benefits of our exclusive FFL Kit. We Specialize in Federal Firearms License Help. We're not a fly by night outfit or ebook publisher with little or NO experience dealing with the ATF, we ARE the experts. No one online has as much experience in this field and helping others as we do. My 16 plus years experience will assist you in getting your FFL and applying right the first time. Matter of FACT even our competitors have used this very kit and consultation service to receive thier own FFL. That alone must say a lot about our service and who really is the expert. That is important so you know you are getting the best service support and consultation you can get.

If you have ever purchased Firearms through the Internet or Mail Order, you are aware of the transfer fees most Dealers charge to accept a Firearm, conduct a background check and deliver the firearm to you. Most dealers charge a standard fee ranging from $25.00 to $75.00 and sometimes more. If you purchase just a few firearms a year you can save by Obtaining Your FFL. Just think of the cost savings alone of buying at low wholesale prices and then your opportunity to resell to others for profit. Save 15% to 60% off RETAIL. WOW! What a Savings. The savings on your next gun purchase could very well pay for this kit as well as Licensing Fees.

Being in the Firearms Business 16+ Years we know the ins and outs of obtaining and maintaining a FFL. I have helped hundreds of individuals obtain a FFL license. Most of these individuals even obtained a FFL license and work out of their OWN HOME. Yes, you heard right. They operate out of their homes. Unlike others, we will assist in answering your questions after the purchase of this kit. We even provide one on one CONSULTATION via our support center. You may see our kit sold on other sites. Well, don't settle for copies of our kit when you can get the original and updated for 2013. If you are going to purchase FFL kits elsewhere, please make sure they have a FFL. Most do not. Again, we know from experience what it takes. We keep our FFL Kit updated throughout the year. As we learn of changes, we update our FFL Mega Site.
2013 may be a pivotal moment for FFL License Holders!
Do not missout on getting a FFL. With our current administration in WASHINGTON This is likely to be a turning point in our industry. It's almost certain there will be changes that will effect you in getting your ffl. Our law makers are CURRENTLY working on Firearms Legislation that will effect changes in the ATF. If approved, the ease of getting a FFL may be severly effected.We simply do not know when and how FFL Holders will be effected. YOUR WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY IS CLOSING FAST! IF YOU GET YOUR FFL NOW, BEFORE ANY POLICY CHANGES ITS LIKELY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP IT BY BECOMING GRANDFATHERED. IF NOT, YOU MAY NEVER BE AFFORDED THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET A FFL. DO NOT WAIT TO FIND OUT AS IT MAY BE TOO LATE THEN. GET YOUR FFL NOW!!